My ears are bleeding!

Everyday living is filled with noise, and often I wish there was a volume control or mute switch we could activate.
There have been so many occasions I would use it; that day you are going to have a leisurely sleep in and the neighbour decides it’s a great time to mow the lawns, or chop down a tree! Or that hot Summers night when you sleep with your windows open to catch a breeze and the neighbours behind have a party that goes all night.


Why is it there is always that one person with the obnoxious laugh; the one that sounds like a flock of parrots being harpooned with an arrow? Not pleasant, especially as you have almost drifted off to sleep when the low murmur of voices is suddenly punctuated by that raucous sound. Laughter is meant to be a smile with the volume turned up, but not so it makes your ears hurt.

And why is it that your toddlers who have been quietly watching tv, suddenly decide it is time for World War 3 the minute you get on the phone? At least with mobiles today mums can lock themselves in the bathroom; in my day we were stuck on the end of a cord with nowhere to go! And don’t you love it when you are watching a show and the volume changes throughout? The voices in the scene are so low you struggle to hear what they are saying, you turn the volume up, and it segues into a battle scene where the volume intensifies so much your ears begin to bleed!

IMG_7200Our lovebird resides next to the tv and she loves noise; the louder it is, the louder she sings, so add that to the mix and we have a cacophony of sounds. I don’t quite know how she has survived 11 years without being strangled – Summer she is banished outside but Winter we are stuck with her. The sad thing is I know we will miss her noise when she is gone.
Crying babies in the middle of the night are another discordant sound, but only when they are yours. When you have someone staying with a baby and you awaken to its crying, rather than being annoying, I found it quite blissful to realise it wasn’t my problem and I could go back to sleep. Anyone who has got up night after night to tend to their baby ( babies) will understand full well what I mean.
It’s strange how as you get older your ears become more sensitive. In younger years I would happily attend concerts where my ears would ring for hours after; these days I would have my fingers in my ears, complaining that they should turn the sound down!


These days for me silence speaks volumes.
I’m getting old…

“Noise pollution is a relative thing. In a city, it’s a jet plane taking off. In a monastery, it’s a pen that scratches.”
Robert Orben

Lis 🦉

8 thoughts on “My ears are bleeding!

  1. When my kids were young, my father-in-law had a knack for identifying the loudest toys would no off switch! Ugh, they were the worst and inevitably would go off every night as we were trying to put the kids to bed.

  2. I was born hard-of-hearing and eventually became almost completely deaf in my left ear. In November, I had a procedure done and received a Cochlear Implant. It really has changed my world. Sound is precious. But there are times where it gets on my nerves as well! 🙂 If I have my windows open, I can hardly stand the sound of the revving motorcycles or the train a few blocks away as it goes by. At least when noise aggravates me, all I have to do is remove my hearing devices! That itself is a luxury that most people don’t have. haha. 😀

    1. You never appreciate what you have until you lose it do you? That’s great you had a transplant- and even better you have your own personal mute button! Thanks for reading 😃😃😃🦉

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