If it were possible for me to know the day before I die, I think I would reflect long and hard about the little things that tell me I am alive and which have been so precious to me.
To awaken to the fragrance of morning after a Spring rain. To bite into a juicy red apple. To gently caress the face of a newborn and breathe in the unique “baby aroma.” To listen to the sound of music being played by two hands and not be envious that it is other hands playing and not mine.
To run with my dog in the rain and feel the billow of the wind, to see the foaming waves crashing into shore and hear the screeching wail of a seagull. To become a child again and revert to that time when the days are long and not much is required. To recapture the wild, free laugh that over the years has been replaced by a quiet smile.
To marvel at the wonder of technology – wonder at the feats of the internet, connecting people from all corners of the world.
To swing on the rustic swing that lies derelict in the garden, which gave me a lifelong friend all those years ago when she asked for a turn. To swing higher and higher and savour the exhilaration…
To climb a mountain and listen to the wind-enforced silence; to breathe the fresh, crisp air, to feel at one with nature…
To stand alone on a beach at night with the stars twinkling above and the sand stretching for miles into the distance. To stand cushioned in the safety of the velvety darkness.
To be in the tropics and watch the sun set over the traditional palm tree; to watch the different hues bathe the world as the sun bids its farewell to the day…
To walk through a meadow and listen in silence to the life that surrounds me, while the sun’s warmth filters through the trees and a leaf slowly drifts to the ground.
To sit with my family; my beloved husband, kids and dog and say to myself
“How I love life “….

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
Abraham Lincoln

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5 thoughts on “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL!

  1. Beautiful! I really liked the part about going back to childhood where the days are long and h expectations few! I was just thinking about that today as my kids spent the entire day playing ghostbusters without a care in the world!

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