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Today I am using an excerpt from our book Mum’s the Word for the prompt polish;
One of my favourite things about being a mum was playing with my boys- maybe it’s because I’m just a big kid at heart! I loved taking them to the park for picnics and spent many a summer afternoon in the sandpit that my husband had transformed from an old fernery. We created cities, built roads with their digger, and dug moats which were then filled with water.


I loved making things, and following suggestions from shows such as Playschool, made them everything from rattles (old soft drink bottles filled with rice) to brown paper bag puppets. We made our own play-dough and made papier-mâché piggy banks using balloons, newspaper, flour and water; I hasten to add they also had a toy box filled to the brim with store bought toys! They had a blackboard and chalk, and an easel for creating masterpieces (we had a friend who was a butcher and gave us reams of white paper) which made perfect, cheap, made-with-love wrapping paper for presents!

Finger painting or painting with potatoes (peeled with shapes cut out) was another favourite pastime, and even though many of these activities created a huge mess, the enjoyment we all had made it worthwhile. I like to think that in years to come they will look back and remember their mum playing and having fun with them, not stressing over whether the house was spotless, not always needing to dust and polish, or yelling at them for making a mess. Memories are made with fun and laughter- not vacuums and dusters!
” Yesterday I cleaned my house which was dumb because I still have kids living here.”
“To be in our children’s memories tomorrow, we need to be in their lives today.”
” Its the little moments together that make the best memories.”

Lis 🦉

5 thoughts on “Play, not polish…

  1. Love those two quotes at the end! It’s so true! You’ve inspired me to do something creative with my kids tomorrow. I’ll post about it and want you to know that I was thinking about you, dear friend, as we did it!

  2. i agree memories are what count. They will remember that I am sure of it they will remember their cool mum. I wish I had a mom who did those things with me during my childhood. Instead my mom was emotionally unavailable. xx

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