“I gave birth to twins. What’s your super power?”

One of the only disadvantages of having twins was the inability to do “hand me down” clothes and school books. We always had to buy two of everything when it came to clothes but it always amazed me when as toddlers, people bought the same gift for their birthday or Christmas. I mean, seriously, why would we want two of the same ball or toy, unless it was a bike or something they would use at the same time? After all they had learnt very early how to share, cohabiting in my womb before they were born!
School saw us have the joy of purchasing a double quantity of the uniform. With no older or younger siblings, there were no hand downs happening in our family, but fortunately their two cousins attended the same Primary School, consequently reaping the benefits of uniform supplies.
Secondary school certainly put a dent in the bank balance with the uniform costing close to $1,000 each! I did consider buying one blazer and having them share, but didn’t think we could get away with that for long! Luckily, they didn’t grow much until the middle years, so it could have been worse.

Before the boys started Year 7,Β  I received a blazer from a friend whose son had outgrown it, but that in itself was a problem; which twin would have it and which one get a new one? That was all too hard, so we opted for all brand new for both to start, with the other blazer kept as a spare. There is something special about starting a new school with a new uniform and books and I must say there were tears in my eyes when they were dressed ready for their first day. The uniform certainly looks very smart and although they would never admit it at the time, both took great pride in wearing it.Β  Books were the same double deal, and the only things we purchased one of was an Atlas and a dictionary, which they managed to share. I became involved on the parent committees, making friends with parents of kids in all year levels and was never too proud to accept uniform pieces. At $8 a pair of socks, I gladly took all on offer, and to this day ( two years after finishing) the boys are still wearing them. ( Expensive yes, but certainly long wearing!)
Both boys took advantage of every opportunity they had, and we have never regretted our choice of school. I believe both it, and their hard work, has given them a great start to their adult life.

“Twins. If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.πŸ’œ”

Lis πŸ¦‰

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  1. I can’t imagine the added cost when you don’t have the luxury of hand me downs. As I was going through videos yesterday, I saw a Soumi shirt my oldest son had received as a gift from his uncle who had studied abroad in Finland. At the time, Jake was 10. Seven years and three kids later, my youngest just grew out of the shirt. We definitely got our money’s worth out of that t-shirt.

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