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We are all humans. We breathe the same air, we look at the same sky, live on the same planet, and bleed the same colour. Our world is like one big pie divided into millions of portions; continents, countries , cities, villages and more, each with its own landscape and population.


You have no say in where you enter this life, but you can certainly influence how you live it and where you will leave it.
Day to day living is full of beauty but most people don’t see it because they are too busy to stop and look. We should try new things, meet new people and look beyond our own four walls to take in all the colours of our world. The happiest people I have ever seen have been the poorest, living in utter poverty, but knowing best how to smile and enjoy life. The pure joy on a small boy’s face as he kicked a ball with his friends in Kenya, was a revelation to me.


I realised that kids in our world have lost the art of simple fun. Most kids in my world need electronic devices to fuel their happiness. We think that poverty is being hungry, almost naked and homeless but many wealthy people suffer the poverty of being unloved and being unhappy.
“Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty.”
Leo Rosten
Wherever we are it is our friends and family that make our world and I have the best. I have been to many great places, seen and experienced truly awesome things but what I enjoy most is just being with my family and friends.

We forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of acquiring something that we don’t have, but rather from recognising and appreciating what we do have.
“Gratitude is riches.
Complaint is poverty.”
Doris Day

“The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you. ”

Lis 🦉


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