Fix up bungle!


My aunt, whom I loved dearly, sadly passed away late last year and I was honoured to inherit her treasured Murano glass dolphin. Murano glass is glass made on the Venetian  island of Murano which has specialized in fancy glasswares for centuries. I love dolphins and would always admire it when  visiting her. Whilst the dust bunnies had a field day in her house, she would buff that dolphin until not a speck of dust remained and the glass sparkled. Unfortunately, one day whilst polishing it, the body came away from the glass ball on which the dolphin nose balanced and it was never fixed.
Now begins the saga of my repair job! I researched the best glue to use on Murano glass and purchased some. I carefully placed the dolphin on the ball after applying said glue, then left it to set, feeling very smug and satisfied with myself. Imagine my horror when later that day I realised I had put it on backwards, meaning when I removed the props that were holding the dolphin in place, it did not balance correctly. I nearly cried.

Of course it is the first time in my life when I have stuck something together and it has actually adhered. It was as if it were set in concrete. I then spent the next two days with a nail file and methylated spirits, gradually chipping away at the glue. I couldn’t soak it so had to be extremely patient, and very careful. My husband volunteered to do some while I went to get changed, and when I came back downstairs he sheepishly told me he had good news and bad. The dolphin had finally come away from the ball but when it did the nose dropped on to our Caesar stone bench and snapped off. Arrrggghhhhhh!
At least I had the right glue to use!
Finally my repair job was complete and it now has pride of place on my sideboard. It is blue during the day and reflects a beautiful hue of purple at night…

I’m sure my Aunty was smiling down at me during the process. Ironically she was renowned for breaking things, but I guess she got the last laugh!
“If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything.”
Ernest Hemingway.

Lis 🦉

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