Life changing tragedy…

“We can bomb the world to pieces,
But we can’t bomb it into peace.”
Michael Franti
The world is a scary place today, and nowhere and nobody can feel completely safe. How can you fight against the mentality of people who are prepared to detonate a bomb which is strapped to their body? Too many innocent lives are lost, and others irrevocably changed forever by the actions of sick terrorists and it is only the acts of humanity; people risking themselves to help others, that shine brightly in a sea of dark terror. We cannot wrap our children in cotton wool, (as much as we would like to) for they have the right to live their lives and if we all retreat to live in fear then these people achieve what they want. They deserve nothing; no acknowledgement, no retaliation and no revenge for we are better than that and will rise above them.
Don’t concentrate on hating them, they are not worthy of our emotions. Focus on loving all that is good in life and help try to make the world a better place. For every evil being that lives, there are countless more good people. We need to unite and stand as one.
My heart goes out to all those affected by the tragic attack in Manchester, and to all other victims of similar hideous atrocities across the world. They have shown great dignity and resilience as they mourn. The West will not crumble as easily as its enemies imagined.
“We live on such a beautiful planet but in such an ugly world.”

Lis 🦉

7 thoughts on “Life changing tragedy…

  1. The first few lines are exactly the mindset of the terrorist, they are reckless and do not cherish the value of life or whatsoever, they are disgusting, horrible, any odious comments do suit them. Loving the style of your writing, really intricate, covering many perspectives in a go. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

  2. Well said. Those that perpetrate these attacks should be ignored. Their names not mentioned in any paper or news broadcast bringing them no notoriety. Instead we should focus on the good in the world and on how we can make it a better place.

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