Brain Teasers…

Do you like to do Brain Teasers? There is no doubt about it, they are fun, challenging and very addictive. Scientific studies also show clear evidence that the brain stimulation enhances mental fitness & helps prevent age related memory decline. Do you play mind game apps on your smartphone? Some of the popular app games at present are “Words with Friends” (scrabble) and “Draw Something” (pictionary). Would love to hear if you have any other favorite app games that you love to use on a daily basis.

Tracey 🙂

6 thoughts on “Brain Teasers…

  1. I couldn’t get into WWF (maybe I don’t have good friends) 🙂

    I play Scrabble which is the officially released version which I found in the Facebook games section a few years ago. It’s a good time killer although when it goes down it’s very painful, last time it broke it was broken for nearly three weeks but when it’s working it’s as genuine as Scrabble is. The only real downside is the number of whingers playing for sheep stations. The number of people who see the need to contact you and complain that you are cheating because you used all seven letters is amazing, but thankfully the chat section is easily ignored.

    1. I will have to check out the officially released version of Scrabble, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I was so addicted to Draw Something when I was a kid, I used to spend about 2 hours every day and try to defeat my friends.
    P.S. It took such a long time to play because all of us were terrible drawers. 😀

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