Lessons learned…

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Life has many choices. You can choose to exist, doing what you need to survive each day, or you can choose to live, chasing your dreams, with laughter and passion.You can be a glass half empty person, or adopt the more positive, the glass is half full mantra. Life is a long road to travel, with many bumps and curves along the way and it’s often up to us which path we travel.
Many years ago, at the young age of 32, my brother in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For the next 12 months, he fought a tough battle, trying all he could to survive. With a wife and 3 young kids, he wasn’t yet ready to leave this world, so he bought a caravan and took his young family around Australia. I truly admired his courage and each day would look at my reflection, thinking how hard life would be with the knowledge that your death was imminent. Sadly, he lost his battle but he taught me so very much. His death was a very painful time, compounded my having a miscarriage. My pregnancy had been something to hold on to, a new life bringing happiness and hope, and added to my grief was a sense of guilt ( unreasonable I know,) that I had increased the family misery. It was the worst time in our life, with my Mum also passing away suddenly the following year. These events changed me, but I chose for them to make me stronger, smarter and kinder. I learned not to sweat the little things, and instead focus on things that matter. Times can be tough, but there will be better days ahead.
Never regret a day in your life; good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons and best days give memories.
Treasured memories- I have many.

“Those who laugh often never grow old.”
Benjamin Franklin

Lis 🦉

2 thoughts on “Lessons learned…

  1. That was a sad story Lis, life brings us a balance of happiness and pain because without feeling the sadness of death how can we experience the joy of birth. But we always have our memories ❤️🌹💜

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