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I saw this Challenge on Positively Un-broken blog which I recommend everyone to have a look at. A young blogger had seen the TV show “13 Reasons Why,” and she offered this challenge to other bloggers: Write a post on the 13 reasons why you are happy. What a great idea! Many thanks to Steph for putting forth this challenge & Positively Un-broken blog for sharing this idea.


1. I’m married to my soulmate and we have 2 fantastic kids ( twin boys that are nearly 20). We have been married 33 years and he is my rock.
2. I am lucky to have many wonderful, close friends in my life – all very diverse, but each one is very special to me.
3. I have the most awesome dog in the world, who loves to cuddle and climb trees!
4. I have been lucky enough to visit some magical places in this world, and done some brilliant things; safari in Africa, seen the Northern Lights in Norway, Gone into the pyramids in Egypt and many many more.
5. I have written a book with my best friend of nearly 50 years, which ultimately has led to my blogging 😃
6. I am generally pretty healthy and am recovering well from recent knee surgery.
7. I have a home that I love.
8. I have a holiday home on an incredible stretch of beach, where we can escape to.
9. I have a job that I enjoy; I am a receptionist for both a Physiotherapist and an Optometrist.
10. I have no financial troubles.
11. I still have my Dad (93) to share things with ( although I can do without him sharing his romantic exploits with his recently acquired girlfriend!)
12. I have 2 businesses on Etsy ; and , again with my friend.
13. I’m happy because I like myself and the place I am in….

Life is good, and may it continue that way!

” The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.”
Lis 😃🦉


1. My husband Ray makes me laugh every day. (He also puts the rubbish out which is handy) We love having our weekly Sunday morning brunches out together at nearby cafes.
2. Our 3 daughters are young adults that I am so very proud of. I love that they are all still living at home. I especially love it when the whole family comes home at night & we all sit together in our enclosed pergola out the back of our house, in front of a fire wood heater.
3. Home, I love that it’s comfortable with plenty of room for the whole family to spread out in. (and Wifi, we all love Wifi Internet connection!)
4. I enjoy visiting my parents each week, they have been wonderful parents & fabulous grandparents to our girls.
5. Friends, I love spending quality time with good friends.
6. Health, in general I feel pretty healthy, I could do with losing 10 pounds to feel better, but I am happy within myself and I am grateful that I don’t suffer from anything debilitating. (Touch wood it stays that way)
7. Exercise… stay with me here… I love the feeling that I get AFTER I have exercised. I enjoy walking our dog around the block with my husband each day. I also love the fact that I can exercise without a problem & I plan to do it a lot more in the future.
8. Australia, I love living in Australia, the weather, the cafe lifestyle, the beaches, BBQ’s, the laid back lifestyle, our freedom to do what we want.
9. Craft, I love creating things with my hands, knitting small animals (eg owls, soft toys) scarves & beanies. Or sewing fabric animal toys. They are also great gifts to give to friends who are having babies. For years now, my best friend Lis & I have enjoyed creating loads of soft toys. We also sell them in our Etsy Shop.  (Little Owls and Pals Etsy shop)
10. Designing, I have always enjoyed designing creatively in Illustrator & Photoshop. My father was a Graphic Artist and I learnt a lot from him over the years. When my girls were young, I worked for my dad learning his trade.
11. Reading, I love reading & I am a member of a Book Group that I initiated back in 2009. I try, but I don’t always finish reading the books in time each month, but I do enjoy meeting with these ladies and participating in the discussion of the books.
12. Writing, with my best friend Lis, (we met at age 5),  we have written a fabulous book, full of anecdotes about raising our kids. Lis with her twin boys and myself with my 3 girls. (Mums the Word) We loved the whole process of writing and publishing our book which led us to doing this blog, which we have also found thoroughly enjoyable. With our skills combined we feel very capable of achieving great things!
13. Last, but not least, I am happy to be me, I feel very lucky to have the life that I have.

Tracey 🙂



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  1. You both have such wonderful responses to this challenge! Here is what I love about the blogosphere: The blogger who started this challenge is in Australia; I posted mine from the U.S. and now it is back to you in Australia. Thank you for participating! 🙂

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