Talk to a three year old!

There are many stages in life, and when the time comes to transition from one phase to the next, we are often left feeling somewhat adrift. This happens constantly throughout motherhood, beginning with the first separation attending daycare or kindergarten when you are no longer in total control of their world, to school, then high school, university, work and finally when they leave home. You can choose to mourn what you have lost, or instead embrace the next challenge, remembering that your present situation is not your final destination, and perhaps the best is yet to come. You cannot start the next chapter if you keep rereading the last. Sometimes it is too easy to remain stagnant, even though we may not like the place where we are. If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. Mothers are not alone in feeling adrift; kids too, will feel somewhat lost when they finish school. After all, they have spent the last thirteen or so years, walking the same path and now it’s time for a new scary ride, destination unknown. Likewise when you leave a job, travel or change homes, you will possibly be uncertain, and lose your sense of being grounded, but all these are just chapters in our big book called Life, and hopefully there are many more to come.
Sometimes I think we just need to sit down and talk with a three year old so we can understand life again. They take it all in their stride, knowing it is what it is, whilst we tend to overthink, analyse and generally make everything far more complicated than it need be…

“I’ve often been adrift, but I have always stayed afloat.”
David Barry

Lis 🦉

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