Baba Desi… the colorful Wizard of Belgrave!

Baba Desi (aged 88) is affectionately known as Belgrave’s very own ‘Wizard’. He is often seen each day walking from Tecoma to Belgrave in a colorful flowing robe and turban with staff in hand. He is known to be a healer, protester & activist. Many years ago I had a chat and photo taken with him in the Main Street of Belgrave. I recently bumped into him again at the “Big Dreams Market” up at Belgrave & asked if he would mind having a another photo taken with me. He very kindly obliged. He moved to the hills about 30 years ago after working as a Manager in a busy Melbourne City Department Store. He says he is not a wizard, but doesn’t mind being called one. He wears an eye patch after glaucoma completely blinded his left eye.

(A man adrift from mainstream society)



5 thoughts on “Baba Desi… the colorful Wizard of Belgrave!

  1. Baba desi makes quite a picture quite like the fakirs of India but definitely more colourful …was quite taken up by how he accessorised his look and he appears to have different staff for each day . Really cool pics !

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