My Anchor…

I love to go out places; the movies, to friends, restaurants, shows, etc but equally I love staying at home, especially with my family. Our home is my safe harbour, and my husband and kids my anchors. My husband sails the sometimes turbulent sea of life with me, and helps buffer the storms. He is always there, ready to protect and keep our family safe. I can’t imagine life without him, and know that without him by my side I would be completely unmoored, lost and alone, and would rapidly sink into the depths of despair. I am a strong, and independent woman, but only because I know my husband is there to catch me if I fall. Without his presence, the strong rock that I am would crumble to dust. I have much to be thankful for in my life; awesome friends, many hobbies and interests, and a place to escape the sometimes humdrum of day to day life; but above all else is my family, my husband and kids, for they are my world. Passed the moon and the stars, the planets and the sun, wrapped around everything twenty million, bajillion times INFINITY and beyond ; that’s how much I love them…


“Life ends with a snap of small bones,
A head cracked from its stem,
And a spirit unmoored.”
Sarah Kernochan


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