Spider on the Windscreen!

Last night, my 18 year old daughter, Louise, drove us to our local shops.It was dark & as she backed into a car park she noticed something crawling down the windscreen and started what I would call ‘semi controlled screaming’ “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, IT’S A HUNTSMAN””!!!!
I turned and saw it ,square in the middle of our windscreen, slowly descending downward. She backed the car up a little more quickly than I would have liked, but to her credit, did a perfect park considering the distraction. My first concern was whether it was on the inside or the exterior of the car and saw that luckily for us it was on the outside; thank god for that! It made its way to the well area on top of the bonnet, where it sat immobile. We sprung, yes, sprung is the right word, out of the car and hysterically I ordered Louise to run and & buy a can of mortein insect killer spray as fast as possible. I was going to stand guard and with the aid of my iPhone torch light, make sure this huge, (I forgot to mention this earlier) yes HUGE spider, didn’t move. While waiting I checked my Fitbit on my wrist which declared my heartbeat was a ’nonresting’ 86 beats per minute; I felt sure it should have read 186 beats! Louise returned with the spray & I proceeded to drown this eight legged monster, spraying until it was completely white. From previous experience, I know that huntsman spiders take nearly a whole can of spray before they will die. Our greatest fear was that it would descend into the engine area and hide, then reveal itself again at a later date. Minutes later, it drunkenly crawled on to the car bonnet. I removed my shoe and slammed it down on the spider, killing it instantly. (I repeated this 10 times just to be sure) I then flicked it off the car onto the road and hit it with my shoe again just in case it had any ideas of resurrecting itself from the dead! We went and did our food shopping and were relieved that we could drive home in peace, although we both kept a nervous eye out in case it had a friend!

I realise there will be those of you that will be horrified we killed the spider, but my fear was if we didn’t it may have caused us to have a serious car accident. Many people have a fear of spiders, irrational or not. I am just glad, it showed itself when Louise was parking the car and not while she was driving on the main road.


How to keep Spiders off your car youtube:

5 thoughts on “Spider on the Windscreen!

  1. Ewwww….. that photo will cause nightmares tonight for sure! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Huntsman spider. Will have to google it! Your story made me laugh…. there’s something about reading about other people’s run-in with spiders that always do. Glad there was no car accident in this story!

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