Jumping to conclusions……

 My daughter was looking at our Blog – ‘’ today and she referred to one of the stories about our book: ‘Mum’s the Word’ by Lis Norman & Tracey Samios – ‘Two Mums’ take on life with kids’. She said “You know mum, ‘Two Mums’ take on life with kids’ makes it sound as though you are a gay couple raising kids”. I said “Really?” I had never picked up on this, but I stopped to think about it and could see how people could perceive it this way. Not that I think there is anything wrong with two gay women raising kids, but it’s just not our situation. Lis and I are heterosexuals, happily married to the fathers of our kids. We would be interested to know if you would have interpreted the line ‘Two Mums’ take on life with kids’ in the way my daughter has suggested?

(People are notorious at jumping to conclusions about other people)

5 thoughts on “Jumping to conclusions……

  1. I did think that at first!! 😂 but then I read something, I forget what, and I thought oh no maybe it’s just two women on the one blog? Too funny. Either way, I like reading your posts!

  2. Well yes, to be honest that is what ran through my mind. However it also drew me in, because I was interested in someone so bodacious as to let it all hang out there from the get go. Then I read your writing and stayed for awhile and more. 😁

  3. I thought exactly the same way as your daughter suggested – but I am happy to state that it really didnt matter. Reading and writing is all that matters 😀

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