Grammar Police…

I am well known amongst my friends for being pedantic about spelling and grammar, and this is something I am proud to say that I have passed on to my kids. My reputation is such that when we are playing Boggle at our holiday house with friends, I am (quite rudely I might add) banned from playing! When doing the crossword as a group, again I am not permitted to answer until everyone else has had a chance. What can I say? Words are just “my thing!”

Both boys have followed in my footsteps; the first word one learnt to spell was BALLOON – no cat or dog for him! They love, and always have loved, reading, and I believe this was invaluable in making them prolific spellers. My Dad (Gramps) is very proud of his grandsons’ academic achievements and is always looking for ways to trick them. He is notorious for telling anecdotes, his favorite being when he asked one of them to spell the word ‘to’ (too, two). He happily chortles and says, “He got a high distinction in a spelling exam and yet it took him three times to spell that simple word!” I cannot tell you how many times we have heard that story and yet Gramps never gets an eye-roll, (that is saved for their Dad and me!)
I was often helping in the classroom at school and would always correct whoever and me to whoever and I; I was very much a broken record, but imagine my delight when I heard the kids correcting each other whilst we were away on Camp! This has also happened with the boys’ friends, (hang around me long enough and it starts to rub off)! Nothing annoys me more than people saying somethink and nothink, ( there’s no k in the word, people!) Oh wait, yes there is – it’s “youse”, as in “I look forward to seeing youse.”I cringe even as I write this horrible word; hearing it sets my teeth on edge!
I like to think I’m doing my little bit to keep the Grammar Gods happy.

Look at what a comma can do. Let’s eat Grandpa… Let’s eat, Grandpa


5 thoughts on “Grammar Police…

  1. Oh, yes! Someone needs to police the grammar. Do you tote a Sharpie marker wherever you go? Just in case you encounter an illegally placed apostrophe? Maybe it’s just me…

  2. As a teacher, I am happily, a grammar and spelling policewoman!
    (As a side note, I also play spelling and grammar games on my iPhone… 😳)

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