The farce of Marriage…

IMG_6805The world is a stage on which many a farce is played. Ironically, a farce is meant to entertain, and whilst the leaders of several countries may be comedians and buffoons , it is frightening rather than amusing to watch their antics and ponder the outcome of their actions.
In day to day life, many others are living a farce under their own roof. Couples, who have come to loathe each other, remain together “for the sake of the children”. Whilst I have never been in that situation, I strongly believe that ultimately you are having a detrimental effect on your kids, for you are their role model for relationships and how they work. They watch and learn, and will think yours is the normal behaviour between partners.
During my boys’ school years, many of their friends’ parents split up, so much so, those of us that were happily married became the minority. Many of these splits came as a total shock, the parties involved putting on an act in public and portraying happy families. It goes to show you really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.
I can never understand ( and I hope I never do), what gets a couple from wanting to spend their lives together, to wanting to destroy each other. Surely if you communicate and talk through things as they happen, rather than let things fester, you will not get to this point. Or am I just naive, and blind because I am fortunate enough to be happily married?
We’ve had our highs and lows, argued and bickered, but at the end of the day we talk things through and negotiate a resolution or compromise. He drives me to distraction at times, and I know( hard to believe) that I drive him nuts at times. Relationships are hard work, and I believe people are too quick to take the easy option and walk out the door, rather than investing some effort to make things work.
That said, I know there are times when people have changed after marriage, or living together, finally revealing their true colours and a darker side, sometimes even beginning to use violence. This is when you should run; run fast, and don’t look back. At the end of the day a leopard will not change his spots.
Don’t get me started on reality shows such as Marriage at First Sight and the like. What are we showing our kids with this rubbish? They are making a mockery of relationships and although perhaps childishly amusing to some, personally I find them very insulting to the institution of marriage!

“A strong marriage requires two people who choose to love each other even on those days when they struggle to like each other.”
Dave Willis

Lis 🐻

4 thoughts on “The farce of Marriage…

  1. I so agree! I think today divorces are just way too easy to get and people don’t work hard enough to save their marriages. I also don’t think people marry with “until death do us part” as a serious part of their vows.

  2. Very well said. I cannot understand how 2 people who once professed love grow to loathe each other, I hope not too anyway. It just breaks my heart seeing couples break up because no one is willing to compromise. And for domestic violence…terrible!

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