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When I saw the prompt for today, my eyes lit up; never has there been a more appropriate word as our blog was created to help market the book Tracey and I wrote together, Mum’s the Word. It is just one of many projects that we have undertaken together and not many can say that their business partner is a lifelong friend of nearly 50 years. Who would have thought that me agreeing to a little girl’s request to have a turn on the swing in the garden of our holiday house, would result in this? ( I never was any good at saying no, and just look at what it got me!!) Photo 1 above: Tracey left, her brother Steven & Lis 1972       Photo 2 above: Tracey (left) & Lis 1977.

In the words of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” These words are so true, for Tracey and I are very different, with our own unique talents, but when together our unity becomes strength, and our teamwork and collaboration has led to wonderful things being achieved. ( I only wish that one of us was good at remembering passwords!!!)
The deepest, most committed friendships span time and life experiences and from the age of five to now ( a young 54!) Tracey and I have shared laughter, joy, sorrow and tears, seen marriages, births and deaths.
Lifelong friendships are a gift and I truly treasure ours.
“Everyone has a friend during each stage of life,
But only the lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life”.

9 thoughts on “Forever friends…

  1. I’m so glad the two of you have each other, and have had for such a long time. I only have a few childhood friends left, and we’re separated by thousands of miles now. Still, they remain important to me, and I do my best to keep in touch.

    Though it is a much shorter term, I look at the friends I’ve kept for ten to twelve years in amazement. Time goes by so quickly, and I’m grateful to have these people I’ve shared so many experiences with. It’s an amazing feeling to have people in your life that know you well, and that you can count on to be around for years to come.

    Thanks for a lovely read.

  2. I love how your collaboration wasn’t a compromise. You ladies are truly invested in your friendship and partnership and it becomes the beautiful evidence of your hardwork.

  3. Pucky loves your blog and feels an outbreak of emotions in thinking how lucky you are to have one another. Pucky’s best friend Puck growing up disappeared on him without a trace many years ago. However, he is one lucky ducky to have found a female over twenty years ago with a puck that still raises the chemicals in his reward circuit!

    1. Lucky pucky…. we are lucky to have each other and also to both be happily married ( me for 33 years, Tracey for 20 ) 😃🐻

  4. So heartwarming 🙂 I’m lucky to have two long friendships – one of nearly 30 yrs and another of nearly 20 years. Both very different friendships; one very near, the other long distance. They don’t know each other but I love them both equally as we’ve been through our own unique experiences of life’s ups and downs 🙂

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