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My husband migrated to Australia with his Mum and Dad at age 9, and has loads of family scattered across England, where he was born. This was wonderful when we first travelled overseas, giving us a chance to reunite ( or in my case meet) family members and accept their kind offer of accommodation, which saved us much money. We stayed with his Aunt and Uncle in outer London, using their home as a base while we took in the sights. Their warmth and hospitality was incredible; every time we mentioned we liked a certain food or beverage it would appear, she would make up picnic lunches for us ( again saving much money), we were taken to a West End show, and much, much more. We couldn’t have been made any more welcome and on each occasion we have returned ( including with our kids) nothing changed. ( Well perhaps the kids got more attention than we did, but as parents you get used to that!)

Over the ensuing years many relatives have travelled to Australia, and it was nice to be able to return the favour and offer our hospitality to them. It is great to showcase where you live and gives you a new appreciation for things you take for granted, when seen through your visitor’s eyes. We really do live in the Lucky Country, and although I love to travel the world and have seen many incredible places, I would never live anywhere else.
Ironically, we often dread the unknown relatives visit, but every time we have had an incredible time, forged some amazing friendships, and added to our list of places to stay when we visit Merry Old England again.

“Though we may be far apart,
Family is always close to the heart.”

Lis 🐻

3 thoughts on “Love around the World…

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. 🙂 It is so exciting to travel and see other countries through a visitor’s eye like you mentioned–and especially with the person you love most. This summer will be our first time traveling to other countries together. Our first destination is London! If you have any other recommendations for places to visit there, I would love them. We are going to the well-known touristy sites, but we want to venture out to local places in that area as well. Australia is another place we would like to visit….maybe in the future. 🙂

    1. If you can, get a car and go and stay at b&bs. The Lake District is gorgeous and definitely get to Wales if you can. It’s an amazing country. If you cone to Australia make sure you have plenty of time because there is so much to see 😃🐻

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