School’s Out Forever…

Eighteen months ago my children went to school for the final time. It was the end of a chapter in both their lives and mine. For thirteen years we had lived by the school routine and proudly I can say they were never once late to arrive ( think it may have been different if their Dad had been the one doing the driving!) and I was always on time to pick them up. I spent much time in the classroom as a parent helper, went on many school camps and in senior school was President of the Parents’ and Friends’ Association, heavily involved in my kids’ school life. My kids were always happy, and somewhat proud to have their mum around, and luckily their friends all liked me!

Last week I was shopping with a girlfriend and we both commented how good it was we weren’t keeping one eye on our watches, timing our departure from the shops for the school pick up run! Now I have no clue when school holidays are, a strange thing after being fully aware for such a long time. I don’t miss the driving to after-school activities, tennis and karate, or the making of school lunches, but I do miss the constant company of my boys. Life has changed in many ways, and though both are still around and will be for some time as they are doing double degrees at university, it’s a different world in our house. It was a bittersweet day when we attended the final assembly; an undercurrent of sadness and loss as friends came together at school one last time, but also a celebration of all they had achieved. Some of the boys’ friends had been with them on their school journey from the very first day of kindergarten to the last day, and likewise I had been friends with some of the mums for that same amount of time, sharing both the triumphs and our worries about our kids.

Together we had all been on a long journey and now it was time to disembark and go our seperate ways, and many tears were shed amongst the laughter and reminiscing.

A door closed behind them but for my boys the world is their oyster: they just need to find their pearls…

“When you embark for strange places don’t leave any of yourself safely at the shore…Have the nerve to go into unexplored new territory. ”
Alan Alda


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  1. Aaaah, the memories of those days. I still get a wave of nostalgia when I see groups of kids in the same school uniforms mine used to wear. Now, it’s exciting seeing all the twists & turns my childrens’ career paths, life choices and travels shaping the totally inspiring young people they’re fast becoming 🙂

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