A Maze of possibilities…


Life is a maze of possibilities, just waiting on decisions. Sometimes you turn a corner only to find yourself at a dead end, with nowhere to turn. Other times you go round in circles, covering the same ground over and over, going the distance but never actually getting anywhere. Problems seem insurmountable, you are boxed in, and feel there is no escape.
Grab a chainsaw and cut down those hedges!
There is a simple trick to escaping any maze; put out your right hand, touch the wall and walk forward, continuing on until you reach the exit. Apply this same rule to life; keep one hand grounded and keep moving forward until you find your way.

“Life is like a maze ; you get the twists and turns but in the end there’s always a way through it all.”
Corey Elliott

Lis 🐻

4 thoughts on “A Maze of possibilities…

  1. So true! We can never be afraid to put our hand out…touching a supposed wall that is in our way, taking a pathway that varies from the usual tried & true trail…or simply reaching out a hand to someone in need. I enjoyed this post!

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