Northern Lights photos… Tromso, Norway

This post is for those who requested pics of the Northern Lights which my family was fortunate enough to see 2 years ago. They are taken standing on a frozen lake, ( -12 degrees) some distance from Tromso, where we were staying. We went out seeking the lights with Guide Gunner Tours and I cannot recommend him highly enough. We drove to several places before finally witnessing this amazing spectacle. The next day when we were about to have a reindeer sleigh ride, I was speaking to a lady who had also been out seeking the lights the previous night. I was about to launch into how brilliant they were when she said how disappointed she was that they had seen nothing. I mumbled something and left; who was I to rain on her parade. It just shows though that they are extremely elusive and you really need to be in the right place at the right time. I will never forget that night and although I generally hate the cold, that holiday, filled with ethereal lights and snow was totally magical and an experience I will never forget. A bucket list moment indeed!

“The earth has music for those who listen”
William Shakespeare

Lis 🐻

3 thoughts on “Northern Lights photos… Tromso, Norway

  1. Beautiful pictures! It reminds of when the inner circle almost unleashed the blinding crimson aura on the greater London metropolitan area during high tea. Oh my, those special moments!

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