Hard to Swallow…


(Millie aged 3, she is now 20)

The sun was shining and life was good. With great excitement my husband and I headed off to Philip Island on our first “solo” trip since our girls, Kathleen, 5, and Millie, 3, had been born. The girls were having a special sleepover at my parents, known to them as Nana and Pa. All were having a wonderful time until Pa decided to fix his computer whilst his small audience (Millie) watched on with great interest. She sat engrossed as he took the tiny screws out one by one- noting her fascination, Pa carefully warned her not to touch them and left the room to get a small jar to put them in for safekeeping.

What he forgot was the given rule that whenever you tell a 3 year old not to do something, they immediately do it! I can only imagine his horror upon returning, when not a single screw was to be seen. Visions of the next day’s headlines swam before his eyes….

“Grandpa screws up!”  Or, “Grandpa with loose screws!”

With trepidation, and already knowing the answer, he asked Millie where the screws were…

Meekly she gave her reply, “I ate them, Pa.”

Minutes later I received a call from my very upset and contrite Dad (thank goodness for mobile phones- although at times ignorance would be bliss!) informing me of what had transpired. After determining that Millie was perfectly happy and showing no signs of distress, we decided to risk it and stay away. (I must say I slept with the phone next to my ear!)

Needless to say Millie survived and we spent the next few days playing search through the dirty nappy for tiny screws – not a particularly fun game! We were very relieved when they finally worked their way through her system.

This is not the way I recommend getting iron supplements into your child.


5 thoughts on “Hard to Swallow…

  1. Ahhh, kids. This reminds me of when I was a kid and had this orange bead I’d found. I don’t know what possessed me to stick it up my nose but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It got stuck and and of course, the more I dug in to get it out, the more stuck it became. I finally had to tell my mom and she just took one of her crochet hooks and popped it out! I was so relieved. I thought 1) I was going to get a spanking (which I miraculously didn’t), 2) that I would have a bead stuck in my nose forever (which luckily didn’t happen either :-).

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