World Map on the Wall… family fun…

Our eldest daughter asked if she could draw a Map of the World on the wall of our dining room. We asked her how she would want to go about doing this and she explained she could project the map of the world by using her notebook computer and plugging it into a projector. We were a little unsure, but we said “sure why not!”, we could always paint over it, if it didn’t turn out. She said that we could color tag the places that each of us have been to already and then add more tags in the future when new destinations are travelled to.  The outlines of the countries were made using a black marker pen and the countries were later filled in with colored paint. It’s not super accurate of course & I am sure we have left a lot of places out, but we were really happy with how it turned out.

It is certainly a talking point with visitors!

Tracey 🙂


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