War of the Remote Control…

I am more inclined to play games on my iPad or knit than watch television but I do have my favorite shows. I love it when we have series that we all enjoy watching as a family, it’s so much better than watching alone. Quite often however, there is nothing special on and I do find it incredibly annoying when my husband is in charge of the remote and channel surfs. This is how that goes; begin watching a program, just start to get interested, wham, channel changes. Sigh, start watching new program, watch long enough to get engrossed, click, channel change, grit teeth and begin process again! Now I’m not averse to changing channels if something is boring, but I would rather watch one dull show in its entirety, than segments from various programs, leaving me clueless to how anything ends. Likewise, if we watch something on free to air with ads, every time there is a commercial break the channel changes. This would not be a problem except often you miss the return of the show and a crucial scene!
I guess in the big picture, (pun intended) of our relationship, it’s not a big issue. We do have more than one television in the house, so I could always change rooms, and I do love most sports so I’m happy for sport to be on, which is more than a lot of women can say.
I love cuddling on the couch and being together so I guess I won’t be switching channels on my marriage.
“Love is watching someone else’s boring show on t.v.”

Lis 🐻


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