The Mother and her Apprentices…

The relationship between parents and their kids is akin to that of a master and his apprentice. I loved the years I spent at home with my boys, before they ventured into the big wide world and start their schooling years. They were still my little boys, but things change when outside influences infiltrate your life and you no longer have total control.  I relished my role of “Master”, teaching them life skills, acceptable behaviour and thought processes that would help them flourish in life.  I taught them many things, with probably the most important being good manners and respect for others. If there is a grounding of basic respect then other good character traits will naturally follow suit.
I loved the times when they were my “kitchen apprentices” and would help me bake or stand on little chairs at the kitchen sink, sleeves rolled up, and wash the dishes. The floor ended up being cleaner than the dishes, with suds flying everywhere, and much much laughter. Yes it was messy, but well worth the effort. Likewise with cooking, when the main activity done by the apprentices was the licking of the bowl! They really loved helping and even though it greatly slowed the process, it was worth every minute to see their shiny little faces beaming up at me, so proud of their achievements.
Now, years later, I am reaping the benefits,  with one or the other cooking dinner if I’ve been at work.
The Master has achieved her goals …

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”
Ernest Hemingway

Lis 🐻

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