The Scent of Me…

Many, many years ago my brother in law traveled overseas and kindly bought back gifts for all the family. Mine was a pack of 4 mini perfumes from Hermes, and I instantly fell in love with the scent of Caleche. It became my signature perfume until I had my kids, when it then was replaced by “Eau de baby spew” ! During the years of the boys’ childhood I barely wore perfume and have only recently begun to use it again. Caleche is extremely  expensive and not easy to find, so in the early years I would only buy it duty free. However, with the recent explosion of online shopping my love for Caleche has been reborn!
My Mum always wore Ciara perfume and every year her birthday, Christmas and Mother’s  Day would see her stock replenished. When she passed away, I kept many of her clothes and at times I would close my eyes and bury my face in one of her jumpers, and the scent of Ciara would fill my nostrils. It was almost as if my Mum was there with me, the nostalgic scent taking me back into the warmth of her arms.
Perhaps my scent will do the same one day, and linger long after I’ve left this world. Recently a colleague asked what scent I wore, saying whenever she smelt it she knew I was there. Caleche, my signature scent, the essence of me.

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”
Christian Dior

Lis 🐻

8 thoughts on “The Scent of Me…

  1. This was so beautiful to read. So touching – I’m sure I’m not he only one who feels like you do about the scents and how they make you feel. Picking up the clothing and smelling it for the memory was poignant. Great post.

  2. Beautiful post . And perfect finish lines – loved it .
    Whenever my mother went to work , my little bro used to smell her dress and lie on the bed hugging it . This post took me back to those days 🙂 .

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