Knackered from nothing…

Isn’t it amazing how when you are a Mum you can be completely knackered all day,( doing absolutely nothing in the eyes of some), but as soon as your head hits the pillow – boing, you are wide awake. And believe me being knackered in the sexual sense is the last thing you have on your mind. Sleep is the only thing you will fantasise about!
Looking after a baby, or toddler is mind numbing, and exhausting work. To an outsider looking on ( with no experience as to what motherhood entails), it looks like a pretty cushy job; change a few nappies, a bit of cleaning and washing, and make dinner- no big deal. You can sleep when the baby naps too – how lucky are you!
Now, reality facts; feed baby, change baby, burp baby, soothe baby. Put baby to bed, check multiple times when baby is crying and resettle, when baby is finally asleep make a much needed cup of coffee, at which point baby probably wakes and you begin the process of settling them again, or give up and keep them up ( abandoning your now cold cup of coffee).

Fold washing and fold nappies ready for use, prepare dinner ( yes it’s only 9am but who knows if you will have a chance later) put clothes out ready for nighttime bath, shower in 2 minutes, with baby possibly screaming in the bouncer outside door, get dressed holding baby in arms and start again from step one.
I’m sure you get the idea… The odd occasions when I did try to nap while my boys were asleep ( yes, multiple above activities by 2), the phone was guaranteed to ring or a visitor drop by unannounced ( and new mums all LOVE it when that happens) or the dog would want to go out, leaving you feeling more cranky and frustrated than you would have been if you’d just soldiered on.
Motherhood is a 24/7 job and there is absolutely no clocking off. I look back now and can’t believe what I did, ( I breastfed the boys at the same time for nine months) but at the time you just do what you have to. I always thought it is what it is, so just get on and do it, and exhausting as it was, I loved it ( most of the time).
I am so glad I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mum, because I have a treasure trove of precious memories from this time. In time you forget the bad moments, but the fun we had together is forever burned in my mind and was the grounding foundation of our relationship today. Enjoy it while you can because childhood will be over all too soon, and you can never turn back the clock..
And please feel free to punch the person who questions what have you done all day!

“My get -up -and -go got up and  went without me!”

Lis 🐻

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