Brain fried…


Sometimes the daily prompt word will fry my brain. It is first seen here at 10 pm (down under), and from that second my brain goes into overdrive, the word buzzing around my mind, jumping from one thought to the next, like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower seeking the sweetest nectar. In what context will I use the word? Perhaps I should talk about the amazing Stephen Fry, who put magic into his narration of the Harry Potter audio books to which we spent many a night listening, sprawled on our boys’ beds… No, I’m sure there will be many posts on him…
Perhaps I will talk about cooking; as a family we quite often have a stir fry for our main meal or I could talk about one of my boys who loves to cook a big “fry-up”, bacon and eggs, and fried bread (for me cholesterol city!) No, that’s boring… maybe I can do a post on small fry. Tracey and I were small fry in this blogging caper when we first began, but over the past month we have grown and are super excited that we just achieved a milestone 100 followers!! It is such a great feeling connecting with people all over the world, and we are learning so much.
Well I’ve procrastinated and now I’ve run out of time – today is Fryday ( pun intended) and I must go to work!

” If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people in the world?”
Stephen Fry

Lis 🐻

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