A romantic medieval town in Germany…

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber is a town along the Romantic Road  in Bavaria, Germany, about halfway in between Frankfurt and Munich. Encircled by a 14th century town wall, it is best known for its medieval buildings & cobbled laneways. Lis and I have both travelled to Rothenburg and have very fond memories of being there with our families. (Below is a 1minute47sec travel video on Rothenburg ob der tauber)

Above: Tracey & Ray.

Below: Schneeballens (Pastry balls with icing)

Below: Lis in Rothenburg

4 thoughts on “A romantic medieval town in Germany…

  1. Beautiful video, nice work! I would love to travel to Germany someday. But the world is changing so much, isn’t it? So much instability now. Thank you for sharing this!

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