Treasure chest of memories…


Before we know it, our little ones have grown and all we have left are memories of their childhood. My favourite memories weren’t planned at all, they were just everyday stuff in our family life.
One of my most treasured memories is when the boys ( very young) were facing each other in their high chairs and playing “footsies” with each other, giggling hysterically. They were oblivious to all else, totally engrossed in each other and their highly amusing game! It is impossible when faced with a chortling baby ( or two) not to chuckle yourself, no matter how grumpy you may be.
The “frog man” is another special memory, frogman being a frog puppet. My frogman voice and actions never failed to elicit giggles from both my boys, and he was an integral family member for quite some time.
When older, the boys loved my impression of a foreign lady, waving her arms about and yelling at them (in a completely made up foreign language) to go to sleep; I still remember my favourite word – Escapana! It may not have been successful in getting them to sleep, but it never failed to end our day in peals of laughter and for that I am eternally grateful to that crazy lady.
Even serious times would often lead to inward chuckles. I recall one day having spent hours creating a special dinner, only to see little noses screwed up and food being pushed around the plate, rather than put in the mouth. This, as you can imagine, did not put me in a happy frame of mind, however I could not help but chuckle when one marched to the fridge, put his plate inside and sweetly declared, “That is just so yummy Mummy, I am going to save it for tomorrow.”
Another time, one was having a hard time mastering riding his bike without training wheels, and finally he flung his bike down in disgust and marched into the house. Minutes later he appeared and proceeded to stick a piece of paper on which he’d scrawled “For Sale” to his bike. It was a priceless moment and that tale has been recounted many a time with accompanying gales of laughter.
I look back now and although I know it wasn’t always fun and games, my memories are filled with laughter and love. I hope that’s what my boys remember too…

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children”
Charles R Swindoll
Lis 🐻

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