Say what you mean and mean what you say!


Today I am going to vent about one of my pet hates, opaque conversations. There is a certain person in my life ( they shall remain unnamed) who drives me to distraction when we are having a discussion. Sentences will be half said, then vaguely taper off with “you know” … NO, I don’t know – all I know is how bloody frustrating that is! There is nothing worse than someone dancing around the topic, waving hands in the air, mouthing plenty of words but actually saying nothing at all! Please be concise, take ownership of your opinions, thoughts and feelings, and most important of all PLEASE make sense. And do not pretend to have knowledge about things, when it’s patently clear you do not. It is quite clear to me ( yes, that’s a joke!) that opaqueness does not belong in the conversation of intelligent people!
End of rant….
I would love to hear other people’s pet hates.

Lis 🐻

“That annoying moment when you are texting someone and auto correct decides to join the conversation!”


3 thoughts on “Say what you mean and mean what you say!

  1. I hate when you’re in the middle of a conversation and the other person just starts talking about something completely unrelated. It’s like, if you wanted to change the subject or didn’t like what I had to say you should have said just that instead of changing direction randomly.

  2. I hate that when I first meet people their first question is almost always “What do you do (meaning for a living)?”

    So, is that all I am in a nutshell? What if I hate what I do? What if I’m not working? Do I immediately get judged? What about asking “What do you like to do?” That question opens up a much more important conversation, and truly allows for open/transparent expressions of who I am.

    Another question I dislike is “Do you have any children?” My answer is “No”. That seems to either invite more unwelcome questions or stops the conversation short. If I was asked what I like to do, I could say I like to paint. I’m a painter and/or I like to be with my kids. Being a mom is very fulfilling for me.

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