End of Innocence…

Have you ever woken from a deep sleep with a jolt, suddenly realising that there was something you had forgotten to do?
If you are a parent, it goes without saying that you have been rudely awoken most days. With kids in the house, there is generally no need for an alarm clock,  and certainly no luxury of waking slowly. It’s bang, “up and at ’em”, discombobulated  or not. ( Love that word!) No time for that much needed cup of coffee, until you have met the demands of those little tyrants who are currently ruling your world.
But back to waking suddenly; this happened one night when the tooth fairy neglected her duties and went happily off to sleep, only to wake a few hours later realising her crime! A frantic dash to the purse revealed only a $50 note, and although indeed desperate, the Tooth Fairy was not going to be that extravagant. More frantic searching in the depths of my handbag,  where you could usually be guaranteed to find a gold coin or two lurking, resulted in nothing. What would I do? I thought of robbing the kids’ piggy banks, but they were next to their beds, and both knew how much money they had, down to the last cent. Borrowing from them to solve my problem could inadvertently start World War 3, so sadly I discarded the notion. Then, a “light bulb moment”, and out to the garage I ran, where in the console of my car I had a collection of gold coins stashed for emergencies.  Eureka! The tooth fairy was saved.
Being a Mum is worrying enough, but when you take on the mantle of Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny, it escalates to new heights. However, treasure it while you can because the day will come when they no longer believe and childhood innocence will become a thing of the past.
I remember the day the magic died, when my boys came to me and with sad eyes asked if Santa was real. I wanted so badly to lie and keep the magic alive, but when I tried to sidestep the question, they dropped the clanger.
“Mum, you would never lie to us, right?”
Realising the dreaded moment had come ( they were way older than I had imagined them being when they found out) I bit the bullet and told them. And all three of us cried…It was a double edged sword when they hugged me thanking me for telling the truth, then one whispered “But I sort of wish you had lied!”
They then asked if we could still pretend, saying it would make Christmas more special and I readily agreed, saying the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa will always visit our house to help make our family celebrations fun.
The end of another childhood phase, and sad as it was, there was a certain relief. Santa had always come through but when they began asking for things that were hard to acquire ( eg Batman and Robin costumes – Batman costumes everywhere, but no Robin) and I had warned them not to be disappointed, they had cheerfully replied with “Don’t you worry about it Mum, Santa will get it for us, he can get anything.”
Thank goodness for google, without it this Santa would have been lost!

” When your parents accuse you of lying to them, look them in the eye and say Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy!”

Lis 🐻

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