Super Dog!

The four legged member of our family is not really sure what she is. At times she thinks she’s one of us (which gives her the right to sleep on our bed), and at other times she thinks she is a ferocious predator, like the time at our beach house when she chased a seal into the ocean and swam after it. Luckily she heeded my yelling and gave up the chase, because I know who would have come off second best in that battle! She is an integral part of our family and loves nothing better than being with her humans snuggling or watching dog movies on tv.

Her favourite part of the day is the daily walk to the nearby park which is designated “leash free,” meaning she can run and explore to her heart’s content. It was here that I first discovered her circus ability. I was walking and chatting with a girlfriend while our dogs were happily running free, and then when I turned to whistle for Layla, spotted what I first thought was a cat up the tree.

Imagine my surprise when a closer look revealed it was my very own “cat-dog” who had taken it upon herself to climb the tree!

She was very pleased with herself, surveying the park from her high vantage point whilst her “boyfriend” Harley sat and whimpered at the base of the tree, totally puzzled as to why his friend was up that tree! Time and time again she has scampered up that tree, and then a few weeks later “branched out,” climbingΒ toΒ a different one.

It was an apple blossom and she was after the birds who were eating the fruit; or perhaps she thinks she’s a bird!

I’d love to hear other canine’s special tricks, or for that matter any pet tricks.
Happy Easter!

Lis 🐻

10 thoughts on “Super Dog!

  1. As a dog owner myself- I love this. Zeus is a 1 year old German shepherd. He certainly isn’t as talented as Layla- but he’s happy to rise to the challenge!
    A big hi from us to Layla!

  2. Dog walking with our dogs
    100 lb golden retriever (Darla) outside position. Buddy 22 lb Dachshund middle position. Person other side. Buddy loved to make other dogs loose their minds. Once he is successful he moves under his big dog. They do this in perfect step. Now Buddy is wearing his big dog who lets out a ferocious bark if needed to end any confrontation, Eventually Buddy moves back to his middle position. The whole think happens rather quickly and yes my husband helping to
    get things under control. It’s like a car sliding in and out from an 18 wheeler. We lost Darla to a brain tumor. Still
    all lost without her.

  3. So neat! I wonder how she’d describe her abilities if she could talk. My youngest cat, Charlie (9 months, but already 13 lbs. and growing) has recently started playing fetch. He’s very good at it, but just as insistent as any dog. Once the game starts, I’m not allowed to stop until he’s worn himself out, or he’ll bug me until I relent and throw his fuzzy mouse a few dozen more times, lol.

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