Today I am being lazy and am going to use a chapter from our book “Mums the Word” for the prompt cranky.

Kids remember the most random things, often memories that have long since left your mind! Obviously one of my boys was psychologically damaged from the time I shut him in the laundry for misbehaving! No, he was not locked in, he was just too short to reach the door handle, and there was a step down into the laundry. To hear him tell the tale (usually in front of company) you would swear he had been placed in chains in a dungeon swarming with rats! I guess if that was the worst of my punishments when they made me cranky, then they got off lightly!
I often swore that they would wake up in the morning and decide who was going to be the “good twin” and who the “evil”, because for a while they were never both well-behaved at the same time, and you never knew which was going to be which! I vividly remember the time I was really angry; they were being especially exasperating and I was chasing them to deliver (horror of horrors) a smack on the bum! Just think how I felt when they both started laughing at me, giggling as they sprinted away! As you can imagine, it did nothing at all to improve my temper!
My other big meltdown came whilst I was helping them with homework. Tension was high and “their listening ears” were definitely not present. With every passing minute my frustration grew until finally I snapped and in a theatrical fashion flung the book across the room! (Yep, I can be a bratty kid with the best of them!)
My favourite method was counting to three, me desperately thinking “oh, crap, three’s getting close!” Luckily for me my boys generally caved at two; or at a push, two and a half! Both boys were angels everywhere they went and with anybody, apart from home and us!
Constantly I was told how good they were and whilst I was appreciative of their public behaviour, I wished they could be angels at home too. But as one put it, “We’ve been good all day Mum, and you love us no matter what we do.” I can’t argue with that.

“Children are the only people that can bring you to the brink of insanity and you will still love them tomorrow ”

Lis 🐻

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