Neverending eggs…

Easter, like Christmas and birthdays, was a big event in our house, and the Easter Bunny’s visit is very much anticipated. Chocolate is eaten for breakfast and the hunt for eggs is loads of fun! One particular Easter, Tracey and her family had come to our beach house with us and the five kids were having a wonderful time searching for eggs, then placing them in a large basket, ready to be divided equally at the finish. Kids were running everywhere, screaming delightedly each time they found one, whilst us four parents watched on. Then one of us had the bright idea of taking an egg from the “found” pile and hiding it again while the kids weren’t looking! This worked a treat, so then the four of us took it in turns!
This went on for quite some time, us parents in hysterics and the kids beside themselves with excitement at how many eggs they were finding! Finally they caught on when they realised the total of eggs in the basket didn’t seem to be increasing. (Note to parents: this will only work if you have a large number of eggs!)
Once they had started demolishing chocolate eggs we were all forgiven, and for Tracey and me, the memory of that particular Easter Hunt will last for forever.

3 thoughts on “Neverending eggs…

  1. In our house our parents hid the colored hard boiled eggs. Often operating in a parent fog like many do on holidays with young kids they didn’t remember where they hid them. I believe only one year we had to wait until a missing egg smelled to locate it.
    Happy Easter!

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