The Gift of Time…

Today’s prompt is a timely reminder that we should make the most of each and every day. Time is one of our most valuable commodities and we should spend it wisely. It can not be bought, nor stored, nor stopped. The clock ticks endlessly and the hours slip quickly by. By all means plan for the future and cherish the past but the most important thing is to live in the now! When our children are toddlers each day seems so long, but cherish every moment because trust me, they grow up so fast. The most important thing you can give your kids is your love, and the precious gift of your time; so get down on the floor and be a kid yourself! Life is short, time is fast, there’s no pause, rewind or replay button to use, so enjoy every moment as it comes. Time spent playing with your kids is never wasted, for you are making memories to last a lifetime ( both for them and for you.) Someday the house will be quiet, the rooms will be clean, the dishes will be done, the washing will stop piling up and your children will be gone. To be in your children’s memories tomorrow you have to be in their lives today.
I know that of all the things I will do, mothering my children will be by far my greatest accomplishment and my masterpieces in life…

“Cherish your children…. for they are the footprints you will leave behind.”
Taylor Evan Faulks

“You may delay, but time will not”
Benjamin Franklin

Lis 🐻

11 thoughts on “The Gift of Time…

  1. So true, now my children are grown and have their own children, I never regret spending time with them and now with the grandchildren. Time well spent indeed.

    1. Yes, close enough! And the same to you! Thank you for your kind words and advice!I
      now add the bear emoticon after all our posts to represent Oscar Bear from the cover of our book! 😍🐻

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