Dropped stitches…

Sometimes we encounter problems and life unravels, like the knitted jumper that snags and unwinds.
I find knitting correlates to life in many ways. Sometimes you make mistakes, dropped stitches and the like, but you can always unpick and begin the process again. Likewise in life, you can learn from your mistakes and start again. Sometimes yarn tangles, but with scissors you can rectify and cut out the knots, likewise there are times we should cut the deadwood from our lives.
A project worth making takes time and energy and an essential part of the process can be the unwinding and remaking to achieve your goal. If at first you don’t succeed, unpick your errors and try anew.
If you feel yourself unravelling find a friend who will take the time to slowly put you back together and make you whole again.

As you may have gathered, Tracey and I are passionate knitters and one of our business ventures entails selling knitted animals online, at We’d love you to pop over.

“True friendship; helping someone untangle her yarn ”

Lis 🐻


7 thoughts on “Dropped stitches…

  1. Sweet little etsy site! Always love meeting fellow knitters. Knitting contains all life lessons, I agree. You are inspiring me to restart my former Zibbet site I called “Conscious Knits” (say it 3 x fast and you get Consciousness). I tend to love large, intricate projects, and those don’t sell. I need to come up with my own small thing that people just have to buy. The only toy I’ve made so far is a Totoro.

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