Don’t raise sheep…

At times our eyes are open and yet we can not see, as we blindly stumble the pathways of life with no aim or purpose. However, once we have children there is always purpose, for they become our world!
Tracey, (co author of our book, Mum’sΒ  the Word,) and I have different parenting styles but have taught our children the same principles, hoping to raise children who are happy, confident and independent and I think we have succeeded! From a very young age I stressed to my boys to think for themselves and not have a “sheep mentality” and blindly follow others. Throughout their childhood I have seen them separate from others ( even their close friends) if they didn’t agree, or stand and present their argument on what they believe. I have faith that now, as adults, they have the strength of conviction to do what they perceive to be right and not be a “follower”.
Tracey and her husband were happy ( albeit exhausted!) when their middle daughter (aged 20) called at 4.30 am last Saturday night asking them to come and collect her. She had been to a party and when she was not comfortable for the designated driver (who had been drinking) to drive her home, told him she was ringing her parents for a lift and asked him and his friends to please wait with her until they arrived. They weren’t entirely happy, wanting to get home, but thankfully they did.
How often could tragedies be averted if others had the strength to stand up and speak, instead of staying quiet, not wanting to upset their friends. Β It is indeed a proud parenting moment when your children ( young adults) do what you’ve taught them to do… even if it means you need an afternoon nap!

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”
Franklin Roosevelt


9 thoughts on “Don’t raise sheep…

  1. Oh Lis, I totally agree! I try to educate my girls to be independant and not followers. I hope in a few years I would be able to say I did a good job.
    Tracey’s daughter did very well! πŸ‘

  2. Great story. I have always told my teen like my mother before me: If you are anywhere and feel unsafe and need a ride, call me. No questions asked. I will be there. A man in my small community which has seen its fair share of youth traffic tragedies started a service Safe Ride Home paying for free taxi rides to anyone who calls. For those young people who do not have a supportive elder in their life, it would be great to see that everywhere. The only thing they will not do is take you from a party to a bar.

  3. Hi lis. I just read through this and it resonated with me. I am father to a 4 month old gorgeous baby boy and I agree with your sheep analogy. I want everything for him but want him to find his own path as I did.

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