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I was reading an interesting article yesterday about what defines “middle age,” which stated the most recent survey said the average person claims 55 is the beginning of middle age.I rejoiced; WHOO HOO I’m not there yet; instantly followed by OMG I turn 55 next year, I’m on the cusp of being middle aged!!! HOW CAN THIS BE? I have a mind- set of a thirty something; perhaps sometimes even that of a teenager!
But then I realised, being old is a state of mind, not a specific age, and if I continued to fret about it I would be old! Whilst I may display some signs of old age; the body that doesn’t quite work the way it used to; the once unfailing memory that now has mini “seizures” , the inability to consume the same amount of alcohol as in my youth; my grown up kids, and of course the clincher, owning dreaded mirrors that reflect your image as a distorted older version of yourself… (I can quite happily go about my daily life thinking I am 30 or so, until I glimpse myself in a mirror.)
I love to laugh and have fun and my boys have both commented on several occasions that they ( and their friends) don’t think of me or my close girlfriends as old; they enjoy our company and think we are funny! I will own that any day; likewise my knee surgeon’s comment that I didn’t look 54 ( LOVE THAT MAN!)
Some people are old at 25 and some are young at 93. Take my Dad; he moved into a unit in a retirement village at 91; prior to that ( and much to my boys’ amusement) he said he wasn’t old enough and didn’t want to be stuck with old people! Now he is there having the time of his life, and has recently acquired himself a girlfriend and is acting like a “love sick” teenager. Whilst I cringe when he tells me about it, ( too many details) I am delighted for him. My Mum passed away nearly 20 years ago and Dad has, until now, never looked at another woman. (It does however do my head in, because ironically his new love has the same name as my Mum! )
So for now old age and even middle age can just wait a while; I’m too busy enjoying my life!
Love to hear your thoughts….

8 thoughts on “Young at heart…

  1. Age is but a number, I turned 60 last January and did not feel any different. My mum is 86 this year but refuses to say she an old woman. I love the fact that my eyes have deteriorated because I don’t think I look too bad in the mirror ☺️ nature us a wonderful thing. Great post Liz πŸŒΉπŸ‘

    1. Thanks… and even if our eyes don’t deteriorate you can get by just bypassing your reflection. In my head I still look 30 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  2. I am with you, I turn 52 in August. In my mind I don’t feel middle age, but unfortunately I have been dealing with some aches and pains in my body, arthritis in my hands. Thanks for the share I really enjoyed your article.

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