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There are so many things as parents that we want to teach our children; to be polite, caring, compassionate human beings and so much more. With so much hate and turmoil in the world today, it’s more important than ever that we teach our kids to be kind to others.
When my kids were little, not only did I teach them right from wrong, I taught them to always try and look for the good in others. I truly believe that the problem today is everyone is angry; lashing out and not stopping to think. In years gone by you could make a small error whilst driving, wave your apology and no harm would be done.; today its rude gestures, horn tooting, tail gating and sometimes worse.
I had many occasions to be proud of my boys, but it truly warmed my heart when they championed an underdog. Several times both had no qualms in standing against the crowd and doing what they believed was the right thing. One such occasion, in Grade three, the whole class had, for no particular reason, turned against one girl. Admittedly she was odd, but when the whole class moved to sit on the other side of the room, away from her, tears sprung to my eyes when one of my sons then moved to sit back beside her. I was in the classroom as a helper and I was so so proud; academic achievements are one thing( and both had many of those) but this was so much more, this kind act of humanity meant I’d succeeded in my job and raised decent kids.
Treat others as you would like to be treated is a good mantra to follow …

“teaching kids to count is good but teaching kids what counts is what matters”



14 thoughts on “Proud Mamma…

  1. An amazing an undoubtedly successful mother!

    I loved your post and so glad I dropped by. I particularly like this “teaching kids to count is good but teaching kids what counts is what matters”

    Thank you for sharing x

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. It really makes my day when people take the time to comment and show appreciation. X

    2. I also loved your fortune cookie quote ; Never fear the shadows. They simply mean there is a light shining somewhere nearby!”

  2. Hi Lis– love this piece. It’s so dear so see a child being kind– it’s a gift you give them as a parent. I taught 4th grade and remember kids with those kind hearts– and lots of them were boys. You should be proud!

  3. I enjoy your blog! Your book looks lovely, and I will get a copy for a family resource center near me. I love resources that support and give inspiration to moms.

    1. Thank you very much Erin 😘Where are you based? If in Australia we are happy to post a hard copy to you 😃

      1. Sadly nope. I’m in Washington State, US. I will purchase a copy. Would love to travel to Australia someday since I’m an absolute nature freak and I’ve read so much about geologic time in Australia. Someday my time for travel will come. Thank you!

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