Pitfalls of parenting…

Parenting is hard; damn hard. It is the hardest job you will ever have and the most important. From the time they are babies, when it’s more a physically demanding role, to the teenage years, when it is very much mentally taxing, you will be faced with challenges. The parenting role doesn’t come with an instruction booklet, and even if it did, chances are what it’s telling you won’t work on your kids! Every one is different and kids arrive at points of maturity and capability individually; it is not a case of one size, one age, so we the parent, must make prudent decisions and judgements accordingly.
Child raising is a minefield of experiences just waiting to explode; the things you expect to give you trouble often do not, but likewise unexpected things will give you grief.
That life changing moment when you and your partner become parents paves the way for years of questions, should-dos and should-nots, and bucket loads of guilt!
Tracey and I wrote a book called Mum’s the Word (link- Amazon-MumstheWordBook-ebook)  which shares moments of wisdom, joy and heartache from our child raising years, and it very much shows how parenting can be different from family to family. Most of all it will show you there is no such thing as the perfect parent!


Would love to hear other people’s’ memorable parenting moments.


4 thoughts on “Pitfalls of parenting…

  1. You’re right being a mother is an amazingly tricky/hard job! But we have 4 grown kids and I wouldn’t trade the years with them for anything– treasure the times we are together now!!

    1. Exactly Rhonda! We are both extremely proud of our now adult kids.. (although I do miss my baby boys too 😊)

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