Rewind and pause the moment…

Let me rewind the last 20 seconds and live it again…

Have you ever had a moment completely out of the blue when it has struck you just how wonderful your life is? Over the years I have had several such moments, sometimes when on fabulous holidays, or when doing something special, but often when I am doing something completely mundane such as walking the dog or watching my boys play in their sandpit. These are times when I would love to have a remote controlling my life whereby I could hit “pause” and bask in the moment. Likewise there are times when I would love to have a “fast forward” button; ie those dreaded yearly female health checks, housework, crazy work days and days of squabbling, ratty kids!
And what we would all give for a “rewind” life button at times! Those moments when you just wish you could replay the last 20 seconds or so; the time the shopping bag I was carrying inside split, dropping the bottle of olive oil on to the tiles, whereby it instantly smashed and made a gushing river that flowed to the carpet while I helplessly watched. Two more seconds and the bottle would have fallen on the carpet and remained intact; no frantic, fruitless efforts trying to salvage the carpet and pick up shards of glass. Or the time when driving home I decided to change lanes and go straight ahead instead of turning right at the traffic lights, with the result being, I hit a car and promptly burst into tears! I plead “pregnancy brain” here and fortunately it was a woman I hit, who upon learning I was pregnant, was more worried about me than the cars! I’m sure she changed her mind when she was without her car in the following days while it was repaired. Again a simple rewind of 20 seconds could have saved much angst!
We all have millions of these moments throughout our lives but I guess it would be a pointless exercise if we could undo all that goes wrong; after all you need to suffer misery to truly appreciate happiness!
I would love to hear other people’s ” please rewind and let me have the last minute” moments that had the biggest impact on their life!


6 thoughts on “Rewind and pause the moment…

  1. I once had a perfectly romantic day and a half with a man I met in Paris. We were strangers, exploring the city on our own, and ended up meeting at a hostel. That night, we made a date to go to the Eiffel Tower and have a little picnic, and it was lovely. We pretended we were old friends, and told each other stories from our lives, pretending that the other had been there (“Remember that time we went to that concert, and how Sue threw her shoe on stage?” Etc.) It was absolutely magical. Platonic, but there was a sizzle of flirtation there. The next day, we went to Versailles and had so much fun talking that I don’t think either of us actually saw much of the palace. When it was time for me to catch the train back to London, he saw me off at the station, and there was a moment when we hesitated, and didn’t kiss. That was 12 years ago, now, but I still wish I could go back and just kiss him!

    1. You didn’t exchange addresses or phone numbers???? Is he on fb?
      That said it may be one of those things that is best left as a treasured memory – sometimes meeting again later has none of the initial magic 😃😃

      1. I talked to him on the phone once or twice after that vacation, but Hurricane Katrina was a month later, and that really shook my life up. Plus, he’s in Canada, so at the time, it was a lot tougher to talk. But yes, I totally agree that sometimes it’s best to just let the memories do the talking, and not mess it up with reality, lol.

  2. Hi Mums! I have plenty of moments I could rewind– It would be fun to go back and relive days with my Dad (now gone) or sweet times with our kids when they were small… Fun topic!!

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