Man’s best friend…

I believe that the relationship between a dog lover and his faithful companion is the perfect example of symbiosis.
Each gains something from the other which leads to an unbreakable bond being forged.
My dog relies on me for food, water, exercise, companionship and love and boy do I deliver! In turn she loves me unconditionally; unfailingly greeting me like a long lost friend when I return home ( even if I’ve only been gone 5 minutes) and shadowing me wherever I go. I can tell her things and she will ALWAYS listen, unlike other members of our household! No answering back, no arguing, no sulking, she is the perfect child! Wait, I lie, she does tend to sulk and ignore us for a few hours when we return from holiday, if we have dared to leave her behind! She comes to our beach house with us, but when the bags come out to get packed she is always anxious departure and she is put in the car; then the delirious tail wagging commences!
Who else can you reprimand without reproach? She just gazes at me with complete love and adoration until I crumble and forgive her. I, in turn, will pat her long after my arm is ready to drop off, sit in many uncomfortable positions in order not to disturb her, and let her hog the bed!
Sometimes I don’t need words to make me feel better, I just need the nearness of my dog.
It is one of life’s biggest cruelties that dogs lives are too short ( compared to ours) but really this is their only fault!
“Dogs are not my whole life, but they make my life whole”


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