Pearls of wisdom from the birthday girl…

Today I turn the ripe old age of 54 and rather than bemoan the fact I’m getting old ( in body only) I’m going to impart some wisdom I’ve learned over the years. I’ve had my share of misery and heartache, but this has taught me to appreciate the good times and made me a stronger person; no matter how bad things are you will always find someone suffering more, so chin up, face the battle and work your way through the darkness to the light. Enjoy the good times and laugh like there’s no tomorrow, for who knows if there will be! Surround yourself with good people and get rid of the deadwood – let’s face it we all know someone that brings us down. If you can’t remove them from your life, ignore them. Don’t bear grudges, they will only fester and eat away at you; no,  I’m not saying turn the other cheek, I just pretend these people don’t exist;  Making them meaningless.
Don’t sweat the small stuff; there’s really no point. Save your worrying for stuff that matters.
At the end of the day, it is what it is and it’s up to you how you respond.
I am happy to say at 54, to date I’ve lived life well. I have an awesome, very diverse collection of friends, a wonderful husband (to whom I’ve been happily married  for nearly 33 years) and two terrific sons of whom I’m incredibly proud. I may not have changed the world but my life has been far from meaningless..and I plan on adding much more!


(Lis, her husband Stu and her 2 boys, on holiday at Neuschwanstein Castle, in Germany)

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