Ordinary you are not; extraordinary you are…

There is no such thing as an ordinary mum. You might think you are nobody special, not making your mark in this world; but the moment you decided to be a mum you became the most amazing being in the world for at least one person! This helpless being relies on you for everything, and trust me you give them your all! In mum world  no longer do the words me or I exist; nor privacy, peace, alone time or sleep.
All I wanted was to go to the toilet on my own but it was years before I got my wish. Still, if you knew then how quickly the years will pass by you would take the time to cherish the now; ( Nah, I’m kidding  – I’d still want to go to the toilet alone!)
My time as ” just a housewife and a mum” was spent nurturing and caring for two of the most wonderful people on this earth; biased I may be but there is nothing ordinary about my boys and I’m sure every mum thinks the same of their own precious kids.
There are many mums that are suffering difficult and challenging hardships; health, financial, emotional and others. They would give everything to have normality and lead boring lives but on the flip side there are many mums who constantly wish for an escape from their seemingly humdrum existence.
My advice to these mums is simple ; “The grass is always greener on the other side”; embrace the ordinary, it may disappear one day…

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3 thoughts on “Ordinary you are not; extraordinary you are…

  1. You are so right in saying the grass is always greener! All mums do an extraordinary job but often get so caught up in the day to day they don’t realise it until too late. I’m well past that stage with my daughters all grown up but I look back fondly on that very special time.

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