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Mum’s the Word: Two mums take on life with kids. Non-Fiction Book Review.

Mum’s the Word: Two mums take on life with kids. Non-Fiction Book Review.

Mum's the word

‘Motherhood doesn’t come with a rule book. Sometimes you wonder if anyone feels the same way you do. Am I feeding them right? Am I loving them enough? Can I exchange this one for a newer model that doesn’t cry so much? There’s nothing better than feeling understood, like there’s someone else out there who gets it.

This collection of two life long friends’ motherly stories, quotes, and memories – both fond and ones they’d sooner forget – will show you there’s no such thing as a perfect mum, and at the end of the day, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.’

Mum’s The Word by Lis Norman and Tracey Samios is a warm account of motherhood which is written from the heart. The two friends have come together to write a culmination of their memories and experiences as mothers and the result is a lovely collection of fun and thoroughly relatable events that I’m sure many mothers will be able to identify with.

The individual memories and stories are certainly typical for many parents; as we all have to adjust to this one career that none of us are ever really prepared for, but at the same time are meant to have all the answers for from day one! The book is littered throughout with some poignant phrases and quotes from the funny to the more thought provoking and, with sections ranging from Mummy Politics, Schooling and even The Wiggles, this is a lovely treat of a book to read which is guaranteed to raise a smile or two!’s+the+word&linkCode=sl1&tag=lauobraut-20&linkId=f0d1fe8bb592c2e2107696fd274ffae6


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