Am I or aren’t I?

It’s one of life’s ironies that often a symptom of being pregnant is actually a sign of your impending monthly cycle. For roughly 10 years I was on a monthly roller coaster ride playing the am I, am I not pregnant game, and trust me it is not a fun time when you are desperately hoping you are; then again, neither would it be if you were desperately hoping you weren’t!
Heartburn, constipation, tender full breasts, dull ache in lower back and frequent trips to the toilet are all listed, along with moodiness, tiredness and lightheadedness. Unfortunately these symptoms are not unique to pregnancy but I often talked myself into believing I was; in fact on few occasions they were genuine but unfortunately they were non viable pregnancies  including  an ectopic pregnancy.
The first thing you should realise if you are having trouble conceiving is that everyone around you will immediately fall pregnant; it’s Murphy’s Law. On one hand this gives you hope, as you hear tales of people who have managed success after a myriad of failures, but in reality it probably only adds to your self pity and despair. My advice to others who may be suffering the same fate, never give up your quest until you are ready to do so, however never jeopardise your health or your relationship to do so. A lot of people succeed as we did, but others have given up and found happiness without children. The best thing to do is trust your own instincts, whatever anyone else says and if you or anyone you know are on this path I wish you the best of luck!

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4 thoughts on “Am I or aren’t I?

    1. That’s wonderful. I am adopted myself and I always say giving birth doesn’t make you a mum, it’s the hours of love and caring that earn you the title mum! 😊

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