Inspiring Woman…

I write this post prison bound on my couch due to knee surgery. I am sore and uncomfortable and have a desperate longing for a shower but these things are nothing. I have a great network of friends to support me and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no such light for one incredibly brave woman that messaged me; her cancer has spread and chemo is no longer an option leading to her decision to cease treatment. Did she tell me this? No, her daughter did; her only concern was for me, telling me she was feeling much better when in fact she will be starting palliative care in a couple of weeks. Everyone is shell shocked but she remains strong and has an acceptance of her prognosis. I will learn from this beautiful lady and try to meet each challenge that life presents ( and it often throws curveballs when least expected) with the same strength and courage that she has shown throughout her illness. She has taught me to appreciate what I have and not concern myself with minor problems that are but hiccups in the tapestry of life.
Beautiful lady I salute you and I love you…





6 thoughts on “Inspiring Woman…

  1. Very sweet post. We could all learn from your beautiful friend. I’m sorry about your knee surgery. My husband has had multiple knee surgeries so I know a little of what you are going through. I wish for you speedy healing!

  2. Good read.

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