Sleep deprived Mummy…

Nothing about motherhood is minimal; no, actually I lie -sleep for the first few months is often the bare minimum on which you can function! I believe this is the hardest aspect of becoming a mum; with enough sleep you feel capable of facing the world, but when sleep deprived your brain turns to mush, and even the smallest of tasks seems astronomical! Who would have thought that one tiny being ( or in my case 2) had the potential to turn your whole world upside down! When pregnant you have visions of it all being a bed of roses… mind you if you had a crystal ball to see what it was going to be like I don’t know how many of us would willingly sign up! Lucky our minds are trained to forget all that, and only remember the wonderful things ( which far outweigh the bad) enabling us to add to our families!
It will be the hardest job you ever sign up for and whilst there’s no pay packet, the smiles, little hands holding yours, adoring faces looking at you like you are the most important person in the world, are all the reward you need. It is the most important role you will ever undertake; treasure every moment because they grow up too fast!


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3 thoughts on “Sleep deprived Mummy…

    1. I bet you weren’t smiling at the time! At the time a night can seem like a lifetime but you are right, they grow up way too fast.

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